Stephen Strange is the central protagonist in the Doctor Strange films of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He was once a successful doctor who showed a lot of pride in his work before his hands suffered nerve damage ending his career. While the trauma he suffered caused him to blow his closest friend Christine Palmer away for not getting him healed sooner, he eventually went to Kamar Taj to learn how to self heal with magic. But soon as he came face to face with Kaecilius, who was another man that suffered acting like what Stephen could have become if he kept going on with his angry mood, Strange later returned to Manhattan and apoligized to Christine for being a jerk to her before teaming up with Karl Mordo and Wong to stopping Dormammu and his Zealots from consuming the earth in darkness. After that Stephen, having became more responsible for his decisions continued his duties as the new owner of the Sanctarium in New York maintaining his stability.